MX Premium Grade Category

MX Premium Grade Category charateristics

Characteristics and Restrictions for #2 & Better

MX has added a category for Premium Grades. Sellers who have lumber that meets or exceeds our defined characteristics and restrictions can offer their lumber to this category. To achieve the category of MX Premium Grade, lumber must be virtually wane-free, high-quality sticks.

ChecksFrom drying, unlimited (No. 2)

1/4″ thick x 1/4″ wide by 1/4″ the length

Restrictions: for 10 feet and longer… maximum 10% of the pieces; for 9 feet and under…maximum 5% of the pieces

*Wane equivalents are not permitted.


Sound, firm, well-spaced, accepted for the following maximum size (Grade #2)

Nominal width Edge, Across wide face

·         3” – 7/8”, 7/8”

·         4” – 1 1/4”, 2”

·         6” – 1 7/8”, 2 7/8”

·         *Other widths (See NLGA, para. 124c)

Note: Holes and unsound (decayed) knots are not acceptable for Premium quality.


Hit and miss (1/16″), in a maximum of 10% of the pieces (No. 1)

*Skips must not be present on both faces.


Standard “E” (See NLGA, para. 722)

*This product is also graded for appearance, so a combination of 2 pronounced imperfections is not acceptable.

Manufacturing imperfections are also limited to 10% of the pieces.

SplitEqual to the width of the piece (No. 1)
ShakeNot across, limited to ¼ of the length (No. 2)
Grain1 in 8 (No. 2)
Worm HolesNot acceptable
Bark Pockets

Limited to only one (maximum 4sq. inches)

Resin streaks are acceptable.


Stained sapwood

Unlimited stain in firm heartwood.


White specks

Honeycomb and unsound wood are not acceptable.


Slight…quality grade #1 or stud…(See NLGA, para. 752)

Crook (edgewise deviation)

Length2” x 3”2” x 4”2” x 6”
8 Feet1/4″1/4″1/4″
10 Feet1/2″3/8″5/6″
12 Feet9/16″1/2″7/16″
14 Feet3/4″5/8″9/16″
16 Feet15/16″3/4″11/16″


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