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Inefficient Practices

The team at MaterialsXchange is modernizing the inefficient, “call around” structure of buying and selling lumber with our digital marketplace.

Sellers on MX list their wood products daily, offering Buyers on MX total price transparency as they bid, in real-time, on what is available. When their prices match, a transaction occurs instantly. Updating the process further, MaterialsXchange transfers the funds electronically and arranges the delivery via truck or rail.

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Our marketplace is user-friendly and ultra-efficient. It is a network of digitally connected Users, communicating in real-time with instantaneous interactions.


Our Mission

MaterialsXchange’s mission is to progress the lumber industry into the digital age. Our innovative technology matches buyers and sellers in our digital marketplace with real-time pricing. MX ensures everyone equal access to the markets, efficient transactions, no calling around, and no paperwork.
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Our Customers

Customers Matter to MX

MaterialsXchange listens to its customers. They asked, and we answered. Our customers wanted an even easier way to see price and product availability so we went to work developing a better way to watch the products they need.

Want change? Get change with MX. Take a look at our improvements.

Our Technology

Adapted technology

We have adapted technology from the financial trading world that has been proven to create real-time price transparency, maximize the viewable market landscape, and reduce transaction costs. The MX platform is an ultra–efficient, B2B e-commerce solution with a user interface that resembles and functions similarly to today’s mature electronic financial trading markets.


We Support the Industry

Making Commodity Commerce Faster & Completing the Digital Supply Chain

Technology solutions, like ours at MX, bring efficiency, lower costs, and less waste.

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